About us

About us

Weboovr is a branch of the digital agency weboo s.r.o., founded upon our vast experience of creating www applications, online marketing and graphics. There is such huge potential in the symbiotic development of www applications and virtual reality, we felt it necessitated a dedicated division.

A sample of WebVR
The unlimited possibilities of VR.

Anything and everything, that you can imagine, is possible in Virtual reality. Watching the modern trends intensively, we are very excited about the rapid expansion and development of VR & AR technology. A new direction is opening for the presentation products and services and we are at the vanguard.

Tools for develop and 3D modelling.

We are developing and modelling using the Unreal 4 and Unity3D engines. For WebVR we use A-Frame and PlayCanvas. For graphics projects that require 3D models and virtual environments we love 3D Studio MAX.

Our team

Our team


Development management


Strategy management



  1. Virtual reality

    We develop VR & AR applications in a wide range of fields: Industrial, Engineering, Construction, Education and more...

  2. 3D models created by the high graphics resolution.

    We will give a modern visual look your technical drawing from Industrial, Engineering, Construction and another environment.

  3. Augmented and virtual reality is like advantage before a competition

    You could use these technologies for presenting your products or services. You will be the first on the new way.

Our work

Our work

Here are some examples from our projects using VR, AR, WebVR, WebGL technologies and 3D.


What we are doing.

What we are doing?



Present your products or services in a virtual environment, for maximum visual impact, to a worldwide audience.

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Phone: +420 774 418 598, +420 775 576 379 | info@weboo.eu

Address: Trida T. Bati 1547, Zlin, Czech republic